Lasey Sunday

Hello, Laser here. Carry says that I can write a post each Sunday for the blog, so here I am writing my first piece. And it is going to be all about me. I’m going to tell you about my Gotcha Day.

I was Gotched on the 18th October 2016 when I was just under 2 months old. All my siblings were going off to other members of my first humans family and I was the last of the lot to find my furrever human.  I never met my Dad – he went missing before I was born – and my Mum was fed up of us after a few weeks and kept hiding out of our way, so I was ready to leave home and go into the big wide world.


The day started as everyday before it had. In a funny box that wasn’t made of cardboard that me, my brothers and my sisters had to claw our ways out of to have fun.  The mister human said that someone had enquired about me and the misses human said she had better clean up a bit.   It was a long day waiting for the new human to come and see me.  I had to have several naps to make sure I was at my best when they arrived.  I wanted to make a good impression

When she walked in I could sense she was a cat lover.  I clawed up to the top of our box and meowed to let her know it was me she was here to see.  She didn’t even look at my brothers and sisters and the mister human scooped me up and gave me to her.  She was quiet and calm and gentle and I liked her a lot.  I climbed up to her shoulder so I could snuggle her better and so she knew that I liked her.

It seemed she liked me too and soon the cat carrier was opened and a towel was placed inside so I would be comfy on my journey to my forever home.

IMG_20161018_215115The trip to Carry’s house was nice even thought it was in a loud and noisy box that I still don’t like to this day.  Carry talked to me the whole way and she told me about all the fun we would have and how we would be the best of friends.  It sounded lovely and I couldn’t wait for the friendship to begin.

When we got to Carry’s house she brought me inside and settled me on the floor.  She opened the carry case door and sat beside me while I peeped out.  The place looked intriguing and I wanted to explore but I was beginning to feel tired after all the excitement of Gotcha day, so I climbed onto Carry’s lap for a snooze.  I think that was the moment that we bonded and began to love each other.

For the first few days Carry kept me in one room, which was nice but I really wanted to explore.  Eventually I was allowed out and got to see all over the house and find places to hide and places to jump out from and places that smelled good and places where I could scratch my claws.  I even found places where I thought there were other cats, but Carry explained mirrors to me, so now I know it’s just me.  It was great fun, although it was also tiring so I had plenty of naps.


I’m very glad that Carry adopted me, though don’t let her know that because she should be grateful that I am a part of her life.  She feeds me, and spoils me and tells me I’m beautiful and I often wonder if any of my siblings are getting the same treatment.

Here are some of my favourite photos from my first few weeks with Carry.


Carry said that her arm ached a lot after this snooze.




Trying to copy Carry at bed time.


Look how small I was!


Snoozing is important


Playing games in my Sunday best.


Carry said she was stitching great cats, so I saved her effort and became part of the stitch.



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