Mid Week McLaren

Hi!  Laser was allowed to write a weekly post so I persuaded Mummy to let me write one to.  She can’t deny my cute little face so I knew I would win her over.

I read Laser’s post and decided to write one similar because the day Mummy picked me up was the best day of my life.  I love living with Mummy and Laser.

My Gotcha Day started in my foster mum’s bedroom with my brother Marvin.  Back then I was called Mickey, which is why Mummy calls me Micky-Mac a lot, I think.  We started as a group of six ginger boys, but only us two were left by the time Mummy came along.  She was allowed to choose between the two of us and I didn’t want to be left on my own, so I made sure Carry knew I would be her best friend.

dsc_0532.jpgWhen she walked into the room I ran up to her meowing.  Marvin was sleeping on the cat tree, so I knew she would see me first.  She fussed me for a while and then went to see him, but he was too sleepy to show her his real character.  I could tell that she liked him just as much as me though which was worrying.  What if she liked him better because he was quiet!?

Luckily when my foster mum asked which she would choose, I jumped on her lap and meowed again.  She said that she hadn’t chosen me, but I had chosen her.  She also said that she wished she could take Marvin too but that her other cat might not be too happy to have two of us invade the house all at once.

I was put in the cat basket and then taken in Grandad’s car back to Mummy’s house.  There was lots of people there as Nanna and Grandad were visiting Mummy at the time. Laser was also there but she kept hiding from me because I was a cat and she hadn’t seen another cat since her own siblings.  She took a while to realise that I just wanted to be her friend, but now we’re best buddies.  She looks after me and protects me and I love her a lot.

dsc_0548.jpgMy first few days at Mummy’s house were fun.  I did a lot of exploring and sometimes I got told off because I pooped and peed in places I shouldn’t.  I understand the litter box now so it’s all better.  Mummy’s house had a cat tree too, which was bigger than our fosterers tree, so I could get really high up – when Laser let me.

I love living with Mummy and Laser now.  I like how Mummy fusses me, and Laser snuggles with me.  I like playing fetch, and eating food and snoozing in the cat tree and sleeping between Mummy’s legs on the big bed at night.

I hope my brother Marvin has a good life too.  I wish he could have come with me, but he ended up going to another furrever home.  Mummy sometimes shows me pictures but he’s all grown up now, I barely recognise him.

These are some photos Mummy took of me when I was new to the family, wasn’t I cute:


In the basket with the curtain as a duvet.


The draft excluder is comfy to snooze on.


Compromising with Laser – neither of us got the top spot.


Hehe, this window makes me face look funny.


My neck hurt after this snooze.


Hiding in the wardrobe with Laser.

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