Lasey Sunday #2


Hello again, Laser here.  Look at me, writing my second blog.  I hope you like hearing from me.  I’ve had a very interesting week since my last post.  We have had a few visitors, so I thought I’d tell you all about how I felt about them.

Firstly, Carry’s friend came to stay with us for the week.  She’s OK.  She mostly just sits in the chair that McLaren and I like to sit in and works on her laptop typing things.  I’m not sure what she types about but from the few glances I have seen of the screen there have been no cats.  She also doesn’t give us food.  She had chicken and didn’t share it and she goes upstairs a lot but doesn’t fill our bowls.


Me, having a sneak peak at the screen.

McLaren complained to her on Thursday morning.  He managed to break into the room where her bed is and when she woke up he meowed to make sure we knew that she should feed us parts of her meal.  It’s only polite after all.

Our other visitor was a little more on my wave length.  He was quite grumpy, but I could understand why.  He was trapped in the great outdoors and I don’t even like it when the door to the outdoors is open, never mind being out there in it all.


Peeping Tom.

Tabby Cat came around on Tuesday.  He mostly sat in the garden, but when McLaren and I got bored of watching him, he hopped onto the outside of the windowsill and peeped in at us.  Carry went out to see him, but he didn’t speak to her or come to introduce himself properly.  We’ve not seen him since, though I expect we will see him again at some point.


He made a dent in the grass.

Anyway, I must be off now.  Carry and her friend have gone out for the day, so I’m going to make the most of the empty seat while it’s available.

Have a nice week everyone.


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