Mid Week McLaren #2

Hello again, Macapoodle here.  … I… I mean McLaren.  Mummy’s handsome boy, remember?  I’m writing a blog every Wednesday now because Mummy said my first blog was good, so here is my second blog which is all about my favourite places to sit in the house.

In case you didn’t know, the first rule of cats is “If I fits, I sits”.  So I sits a lot.

My first most enjoyable spot is the sink.  Here I am sat pretending to be Mummy at work.  Sometimes I get a wet tail or a wet botty, but I fit nicely so I sit here a lot.  Sometimes it is full of water so I don’t sit in it then, but it’s just as exciting to watch the water disappear as it is to sit in the sink.  Where does the water go?!20180828_081036

My next favourite place is the top of the cat tree.  I can see everything from up here.  Everything.  It’s especially good for watching and waiting for the red dot.20180705_212727

Below is a photo of me in my favourite spot to watch birdies.  Sometimes Mummy puts things out for the birds and I get a good view of them here.  This fluffy thing is nice and comfy to lean on while I watch, too.20180804_143119

Mummy is laughing about the picture below.  She says I look like a dwarf cat with clown feet.  This is a strange shelf in the bathroom that is a good place to watch Mummy shower from.  I like to make sure she doesn’t drown.20180805_101412

The chair.  Aaah the chair.  Look how happy I am.  It’s the comfiest chair in the world.  Laser and I often share the chair, but it is best when it’s just you and the chair.  20180805_142907

The stool that Mummy uses as a foot rest is also one of my favourite evening spots.  Here I am looking at Mummy in a hope that she realises she is taking up all the room and will move her feet.  Although, having said that it is quite cosy and warm snuggling up beside her legs.20180805_170725

Have you ever noticed that human’s go to the litter tray strange?  Well luckily, since they sit down like they’re on a chair it can be very comfortable to sit down with them.  Sometimes it’s a hard choice between sitting in the sink or sitting on Mummy’s lap.20180813_174647

BOXES.  Look how well I fitted in that box.  I was small then, but I’m a big boy now, so I have to wait for special parcels to fit in boxes.  Also… I have to remember not to pee or poop in them because they get thrown out sooner if I do that.DSC_0760

How did I almost forget the draining board.  It’s the best vantage spot for watching Mummy wash up the dishes and to make sure that they’re all clean before she puts them away.  Laser says I should sit the other side and inspect the dirty dishes for any leftover food I could scavenge but she is wrong.  The drainer is the spot.DSC_0984

And last of all.  The comfiest spot to sit and sleep, is Laser.  She’s so fluffy.  Fluffy like a cloud and she is my big sister and I love to cuddle her.  Mummy thinks she doesn’t like cuddling as much as I do, but I don’t believe that.  She looks happy here, right?20180721_180500

And that concludes my list of places to sit.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide where to sit when.  I like to sit and then to lay and then to sleep.

Where is your favourite place to sit?  Maybe one day I could sit with you.

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