Barnard Cat-stle

This past weekend, I went to visit one of my best friends who lives in Barnard Castle.  She’s a fellow cat lady, like me, and has a lovely little family, the youngest of whom was turning 2 years old.

The birthday was an excuse for me to go and visit my friend and see the kids and the cats, as well as eat food, catch some sun and ignore all the housework I should have been doing at home.

This is, after all, a cat blog, so rather than go into the details of the party, I wanted to share with you my friend Becca’s gorgeous cats, and tell you a little bit about them all.

First up is Poppy.  Poppy is actually a boy, but don’t tell him.  He’s huge and much as he protested my cuddles I think he secretly enjoyed them.  I think Poppy is my favourite because he’s so snuggle-y and will sit next to you for hours smacking his tail against you in happiness as you fuss him.


I love his big eyes that never blink

Next up we have Rosie – a proper girl this time.  She has serious resting bitch face but she’s tiny and kind of adorable.  She is quite similar to Laser, and only enjoys fuss on her terms.  She’s a little bit scared of Poppy, but happy to share a bed, as long as they’re at opposite ends.

And finally their very own ginger baby boy, George.  For a while, when I first got McLaren I kept calling him George.  It probably confused him no end.  George is four, and is the best friend of my friends son.  He’s playful but a little bit nervous and jumpy.  He’s also a ninja, as he completely escaped the room while we were playing with him and we didn’t even see him leave!


“Stop taking photos and play again”


I think my own babies missed me while I was away.  They were both desperate to see me, and McLaren spent the evening pawing my PJ bottoms and snoozing on my lap.  Despite missing them myself, it was a lovely short break and the weather was perfect to sit out and catch up with friends.


Did you get up to anything fun this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Barnard Cat-stle

    • carrylovescats says:

      I think Laser would rather give me the cold shoulder but McLaren is so loving that she worries about being left out of treats if she does. Haha


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