Friendly Fill-Ins #2


We’re joining 15andmeowing and four-legged furballs again on their blog hop.

1. September is the perfect month for __________________.
Carry:  A tidy up in the house, and preparing for autumn by getting blankets and cosy clothing and pyjamas out ready.
Laser:  Well I’ve only been alive two Septembers and the first one I was with my brothers and sisters.  Every month is good for naps though, so September will be good for that too.
McLaren:  Being adopted.  I was adopted last September and that means I have been with Mummy and Laser for a year now.
2. This month, I am looking forward to __________________.
Carry: I’m going to see Rip It Up in the theatre next week and have a Meet & Greet with the cast before the show, so I’m quite looking forward to that.
Laser:  I’m looking forward to seeing how long the little pile of clothes I’ve made into a basket in Carry’s bedroom will last.  Hopefully it will be there forever.
McLaren:  Helping Mummy finish her Lego castle.  It’s getting bigger every night and sometimes during the day I help by rubbing against pieces so they move under the sofa.
3. My morning routine always includes _________.
Carry: A Cup of tea!
Laser: Patting Carry on the face to make sure she wakes up.
McLaren:  Running to the food bowl everytime Mummy moves, just in case she is going to fill it.
4. I have a love-hate relationship with _________.
Carry:  Sebastian Vettel.
Laser:  McLaren (my brother, since Carry’s answer might make this relate to F1)
McLaren:  Milk.  It’s so tasty but it makes me bum squelch.

17 thoughts on “Friendly Fill-Ins #2

  1. cherylmash says:

    I don’t want the summer to end so will be holding off until the last minute to change over to blankets, sweaters, etc. Have a great weekend!


  2. 15andmeowing says:

    Thank you all for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I love weather where we need blankets, I can’t wait. How exciting that you are going to meet the cast of the play, have a wonderful time!


    • carrylovescats says:

      Me and McLaren have been sharing our favourite blanket for working on the lego. He gets really excited everytime I put it down on the floor and comes to sit beside me. It’s so cute.

      One of the cast is my favourite member of my favourite band, so I’m super excited to meet him again. 🙂


  3. kittiesblue says:

    “Hi, it’s nice to meet y’all.” Thanks for stopping by The Cat on My Head for a visit. McLaren’s fill-in for #4 was a hoot. Makes most of us hurl. We have a Sunday Selfies blog hop each week. It is more than 4-years-old and still well attended. You might want to join us sometime. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


    • carrylovescats says:

      Ooh ill have to check that out. I usually let Laser write a blog on Sundays but maybe we’ll attach a Sunday Selfie in there too!


  4. L.M.G. Miller says:

    Thank you all for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! Laser and McLaren, Thimble here says you both have purrfect answers for #3. Sometimes, you just have to slap some life into your human. Then, you also often have to escort them to the food bowls, lest they get lost. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  5. Feline Opines says:

    Oh McLaren,
    Your # 3 made me MOL! Our Oliver does what The Female Human has dubbed “the food dance” every morning. Despite the fact that he’s a rather rotund fellow, he always seems to live in fear that The Female Human will go to the place she calls work without making sure his bowl is full. He dances down the hallway toward her when she’s making her coffee. Then he leads her to the laundry room where the food bags are kept. He dances in front of the pantry doors and, as soon as she gets the bag out, he dances down the hallway to lead her to the bowl (as if she would forget where it is!). Sometimes, he tries to con her and does the food dance in the evening but The Female Human never falls for this ruse.
    Purrs & Head Bonk,


  6. Suzanne Gunter McClendon says:

    Your mention of getting blankets ready for Autumn made me grin. We won’t need blankets for a long time yet, but I washed a great many of them earlier this summer. Then, before I could get them all put away, Petra (our grand-dogger) decided they made an excellent bed for her. Oh well. haha

    Have a blessed week!


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