Whats In A Name?

Cats names can be a funny one to choose.  You have your typical cat names like ‘Puss’ and ‘Sooty’ and ‘Tiger’; you have human names like ‘Tom’ and ‘Lucy’ and ‘Jess’; and then you have the more bizarre names like ‘Crookshanks’ and ‘Mr Bigglesworth’.



I’ve always tried to chose names for my cats that reflect something I love and enjoy, and to a degree I think my parents went along the same route after their first three cats (or at least the ones that were around when I were).

They started with Tiger – a tabby who ran away before I was born.  Then followed Sooty (a black cat) and Tiger-Two (another tabby).  I guess their names kind of spoke for their fur rather than of any meaning.



When I was a teenager we gave a home to two new kittens.  A black and white cat, which my Mum called Will and a black cat, which I named Charlie.  Will was named after my Mum’s favourite singer, Will Young and Charlie was named after my favourite band, Good Charlotte.  It ended up being a sort of joke that they were almost like the royal family, Prince William and Prince Charles.



A few years ago, after I’d moved out of the home and stopped having any say, Mum and Dad adopted another two kittens.  This time a lighter tabby, named Bobby and a tortoiseshell, named Cilla.  Mum named them both after Cilla Black who is one of her all-time favourite artists and died just before the cats adoption.  Bobby (if I recall correctly) was Cilla’s husband.  Another option was Alfie, after one of Cilla’s most famous songs.  I preferred Alfie and Bobbie (with the tortie, being a female version of Bobby), but I had no say, so Cilla and Bobby it was.

Luckily, I did have say over my two current furbabies, who are purely my own.



Laser, my tabby princess is named after a British Touring Car Championship team, Laser Tools Racing.  They’re a Scottish team and I am good friends with the driver and his family so they became my favourite team over the past few years.  I’m fairly certain I’d already named Laser before I had set eyes on her and so suits it perfectly.



Last but not least is my handsome ginger Prince McLaren.  His was another name I had ready before I had the cat to give it to.  McLaren are my all-time favourite Formula 1 team (technically joint with Force India, but I don’t think that would be a good cat name) and so following the theme of Laser, it matched just right.  McLaren even had an orange car, so when the ginger came into my life it was almost too perfect.

I already have a name ready for another cat though I’m yet to adopt him/her still.  I’ll keep that my little secret until another furbaby comes into my life.  Who knows, I might even change my mind again before then.

Are your cats named after anything special to you?  Or did you keep the name they were adopted with because it was just so perfect for them?


2 thoughts on “Whats In A Name?

  1. 15andmeowing says:

    Nice to learn about how your kitties got their names. I changed Joanie’s name from Megan when I adopted her. I named her after my Mom. And Millie is a boy, but we named him that because he was born in a mill yard.

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