Comfy Spots

Laser and McLaren have been spending the weekend in some very strange spots.  Laser had recently decided that a pile of clothing on the floor of my bedroom was her favourite place to sleep.  However, on Friday I washed the clothes so the pile was gone and she was quite disgruntled about it.

Luckily, as you can see from the photo below, she found the most comfy of the clothes had been hung on the back of a chair and across the desk to try and dry the hood.  Apparently that was good enough for her and she has her favourite comfy spot again.


McLaren, meanwhile has been enjoying this nice large box that the LEGO Hogwarts Castle arrived in.  It’s one of those annoying boxes which has flappy bits on the inside and it’s a pain to get the lid on properly, so it was left with the lid on wonky.  That didn’t put McLaren off though, he pushed the Lego box out of the way and claimed his own ‘castle’ on top of the box.


He even decided that the LEGO box itself looked like a nice place to sit, although he did keep sliding down it.


4 thoughts on “Comfy Spots

    • carrylovescats says:

      Got it now Brian, thanks for letting me know! And they are great spots. I can see both of them from my spot on the sofa, which is nice too! 🙂


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