Mid Week McLaren #5 (Meow Like A Pirate)

Ahoy! McLaren here!  Wow the weeks are really flying by since I started writing this blog.  I guess that’s why my first birthday and gotcha day came around so soon.  Today is Meow Like A Pirate Day, so my blog will be a little piratey in the spirit of it.  I thought I’d share with you today, some the things I see when I look out of the window and past the paw marks that me and Laser leave on them.  And by window, I mean from the Crows Cats Nest of our Ship, The Little Purrlunderer.

I can see the sea from all the way up here.  Arrrr, it’s a beauty.

Actually, I’ve never seen the sea, but I can see the road and lots of cars – which we will pretend are ships to be plundered – and small humans playing – which are all the fishies in the sea, yummy.  Sometimes I see larger humans and a man in red who posts things through the thin cat flap on the door.


High up in the Cats Nest

From the aft of the ship, in the comfort of my cabin, I can see flies and bugs and birdies and grass.  By which, I mean yo-ho-ho, golden coins, rum and sea birds.  It’s a pirates life, after all.  (Mummy says rum is bad for me, but I can have a tiny drop of milk instead, I’ll take that).


The Captains Cabin has a lovely blanket, see.

Ahoy, pirates.  What’s that I spy in the distance?!  Everybody grab your cutlasses and swords, there’s an enemy ship in sight! And who is this grumpy pirate boarding the good ship Purrlunder?  The rogue, the scallywag, we must chase him away and grab his booty (Mummy, why am I touching his butt?… Ooooh, you mean like treats!  That’s more exciting.)


The Little Purrlunderer will drive away this scurvy dog (cat).

Wow, what an adventure we had today.  And Laser spent the whole time hiding in the hold.  Hopefully she found plenty of mousies for supper to have with our rum-milk.

Mummy told me to share this with you, also.  She found it on Cats Protection Instagram, and wants to know what your kitty pirate names would be?


I am Bosun Rusty Bones, and Laser is Navigator Bojangles Bones.  Mummy tells me that means I’m in charge.  I already knew that though.

Well, farewell me hearties, I must go and nap now while Navigator Laser sails the high seas for us.

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