Terror Tuesday

Wow, well that was a fright for a Tuesday Morning (I almost wrote Monday but then realised I had the day off yesterday so it’s Tuesday!)

I was following my normal morning routine, Laser sitting by the stairs, McLaren on the windowsill chattering away to me (shouting for breakfast) as I got ready for work.  He’s a clever wee soul and knows that once I’m dressed, and I’ve sorted my hair it’s breakfast time.  He knows then he can jump off the sill and run to his bowl and get excited.

Well this morning he jumped a little earlier than normal and there was an odd sound like he had slipped.  He then appeared to hobble out of the room with his back left leg looking strange.  He went across the hall, down one step and sat there with his leg jittering and his eyes wide with fright.

I was terrified.  The odd noise must have been him landing funny and he’s broken his poor leg.  I tried to get him to come to me for a few moments and he just looked at me scared.  Even Laser was looking between him and me wondering what had happened.

I knew that if there was one thing that would get him to walk me it would be a treat, so I nipped into the cats room and pulled out two treats.

Sure enough, McLaren came running in meowing happily, not a limp in sight.

I walked with the treats down the stairs and back up again, McLaren and Laser in toe.  Still not a limp and no funny walk.  He was fine.

I’ve concluded that the funny noise was in fact him falling off the windowsill, rather than jumping.  And his funny walk was either embarrassment or shock and he was trying to slope away without being seen.  I guess the strange looking leg was probably just the angle I was viewing it from.

He’s a little wally.  Hopefully when I get home from work he’ll still be running about like the little scamp he is. He’ll be disappointed that there is no treat this evening now though!


7 thoughts on “Terror Tuesday

    • carrylovescats says:

      He’s normally perfectly fine. I have a feeling he got a little carried away watching a bird and missed his step! Going to keep an eye on him though in case I do see an limping or wobbles.


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