Mid Week McLaren #6.1

Hello again. Remember the post on Tuesday? Well, Mummy just bought me home from the vets. She came home from work, gave us food and decided my leg still wasn’t right. So I was bundled into the carrier and off we went.

The vet lady prodded and poked and pulled and moved and I did some little pathetic meows because I didn’t like it.

Now I have some anti-inflabbaberries or something that Mummy put in my bowl with a Lick-e-lick. I didn’t even taste it, but I made sure to squint when she used the syringe just in case it went in my eyes.

Mummy says I have to take them for 5 days and hopefully I’ll be better then. I have to rest too, which is OK because I like to nap as much as I like to play.

Remember folks. Watch your steps when you’re on the windyledge watching birdies!

2 thoughts on “Mid Week McLaren #6.1

    • carrylovescats says:

      Thank you. I’m still feeling a little odd this morning, but hopefully the medicine will work and i’ll be right as rain again soon. x


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