Purrple Craft #1

Wednesday last week saw me returning to the Purrple Cat Cafe again. I generally make at least one trip a week, but through being sick and having other plans I’d not been for a while, however Craft Club kicked off this month and the first event was great fun!

We were planning to start with cross stitching, but this was put back a week to gather supplies and numbers of crafters, so we started with clay modelling.  It was good fun and all the kitties wanted to help out.

Here are some photos from the event, and the final products people made.


Lots of clay and some tools


Oooh exciting!


Can I helps you?


The crafters!


My verison of McLaren


CAT BUTT (also mine)


Another young ladies cat paws.


Carina’s was my favourte.


Jo’s tiny cat – toothpick for scale.


Tracys witch cat!




Everyone was so talented!


This week we should be starting on Hallowe’en Cross Stitches.  I’ll keep you posted!


17 thoughts on “Purrple Craft #1

    • carrylovescats says:

      it was a lovely evening. i’m looking forward to this weeks session to. which reminds me I need to book to go! we have plans for hallowe’en and christmas so far 🙂


    • carrylovescats says:

      The cat butt started out as a cat head, but because it was upside down when I tried to shape the ears it looked more like a backside, so I rolled with that instead 😀


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