Mid Week McLaren #8

Hey there, is Macanoodle here!  Phewie, I’m still recovering from this weekend.  You saw Laser’s busy day but what you didn’t hear was that I was wokered up super earlier on Saturday and Sunday because Mummy’s alarm went off earlierer than expected.


Dis me sleeping through de alarm.

Normallily, I like when the alarm goes off.  As soon as it rings, I starts to purr and then sit by the pillow until Mummy gives me a fuss but this weekend it wented off before I was ready and Mummy got straight up and took the duvet downstairs.

I followed because it was excitering and I was curious.  What was happening?  Normallily Mummy has to have the alarm ring elebentyfives times before she gets up.

She putsed the TV on and there was a lot of noise but I soon realised it was Formula 1.  Why were they all racing so early? Silly billys, nobody would be wakered if they didn’t hear Mummy’s alarm.

Mummy got the duvet on the sofa and laid down again so I joineded her and we snuggled and watched the cars got whizzing across the telly box.


Mummy you taking up alls the room.


That’s better, little spot for me.


Den I faced the right way to watch.

It was nice because it was comfy and fun and Mummy even gived me some nice scritches which I wouldn’t have gotsted if she was still asleep.

But eventually Laser appeared.  She wasn’t very impressed because she had been busy doing all the work for Mummy and we were both snuggled on the sofa.  Look at her face!

After the race ended we even gots to go back to proper bed.  So then we had a proper wake up later on.  It was good fun.  I hope the misters in the cars race early again soon so we can do it again.  Maybe they not so silly after alls.

Haves a good week furriends.

22 thoughts on “Mid Week McLaren #8

    • carrylovescats says:

      Mummy says it happens to her every week day. But normally I’m just so happy that she wakers and fusses me that I don’t mind. Sometimes she even kicks me first, because she forgets that I sleep between her legs. But that’s Ok. Because she keeps me warm and if shes’s moving she’s more likely to feed me!


  1. Deziz World says:

    So you got up to lay down and then went back to bed and yet had nuffin’ to eat durin’ all that? Somethin’ ain’t right, we tell ya’. Ifin ya’ gotta be woke up, ya’ gotta have somethin’ to eat. MOL big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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