Purrple Craft #2

Wednesday night meant another trip to the Purrple Cat Cafe for Craft Club.  I went in for an hour before the session to have my dinner.  The plan was to help Jo set up the kits ready for the Hallowe’en cross stitch we’re going to do, but in the end we decided the first club session would be sorting out our own threads, so we just made thread holders for everyone to use.

That meant, I had plenty of time to chill out with the cats before the session started.


Look at this fluffy belly!


We had a little hang out on the floor.

As the earlier session drew to a close we sorted out a suitable place for the craft club to take place and Jo and I set things out ready for the other club attendees.  Soozie decided to help too, and she was VERY fascinated with the hole punch.  I didn’t get a picture but she sat staring up between my legs as I punched hole in card for the thread holders.


We will all be stitching Soozie hair into our pieces!


I’m just HELPING Carry, no selfies please.

The session had a decent turnout with some experienced stitchers and some complete newbies.  We had hoped to start doing some stitching but it turns out sorting out 21 threads into six and matching them up to the colours took a lot longer than we thought.  Jo had trouble finding all the exact colours from the pattern so there was a lot of trying to decide which must be which, but in the end we all finished with a kit ready to start stitching next Wednesday.


I’m really enjoying the club and I’m happy that the cafe took on my suggestion and is letting me help out with it.  Next week I guess I’m gonna have to start teaching people how to stitch, but I think I should be OK with that.  I might make up some little handy hints sheets just in case though.

I can’t wait for you to see our progress!

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