Lasey Sunday #9

Hi guys, Laser here today.  I have a slightly sore paw from nibbling my toes, so I might not type so much today.

Firstly, I wanted to share a lovely postcard we had from our Uncle Charlie who lives with Nanna and Grandad.  Isn’t is a lovely autumn photo of him?  It looks like a really comfy blanket of leaves.


Yesterday I discovered a new cave in the kitchen.  It was very exciting and I made sure to explore every inch, including reaching into the dark hole at the back.  Something tickled my paw though, so I had to rush out of the cave and when I came back later it was full of Carry’s things.



After that we all snuggled as a family on the sofa and watched a TV show that was something about human vet that nobody knows the name off.  She has a screwbadriver that glows and makes noises and there was a funny ale yun man with teefs.


Finally Carry and I had a private snuggle after she had a bath.


Now I’m going to get the good spot on the sofa before McLaren gets there.  We’ve both been taking turns on Carry’s lap this week.  Or rather we’ve been racing each other each evening to get there.

Oooh Carry just reminded me I needed to post a selfie for this weeks  The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie blog hop!



What do you mean lady like?



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