Oh Snap!

Snapchat has some new cat-friendly filters, so having been sent a few screenshots by my friend who uses it, I decided to redownload it and see how Laser and McLaren felt about being snapped.


Mummy is that slice of bread really on my head?   No Mac, it’s OK.  It’s just a filter.  Whats a flilter?  It just changes the picture a little bit – it senses your face and puts a picture of a slice of bread around it.

Here, shall we let Laser have a go?


I’m not sure that bread really suits me, Carry.  You look super cute, Laser!    But I’m better than cute.  Try another one.  OK, but there’s only one more on android phone.  Stay still then and I’ll try it.



I can’t decide if this is better or worse.  I look sweet but that colour really does not suit me.  You look like you’re ready for play fights with McLaren.  Wearing a nice safe helmet to protect your head.  McLaren’s bops aren’t that hard Carry.  OK.  Well, y’know if you come and sit behind me, we could try the filters together.


No Carry, I still don’t like this one.  And stop pulling silly faces.  Bread doesn’t stick it’s tongue out.  OK what about this one then?


Oooh. I like this one.  Look, Laser I’m a melon mousey!  Yes, YOU look good, but look at me.  I look ridiculous.  Why can’t I have cute melon ears instead.  Shall we try some selfies together, McLaren? Mmmmmphzzzz  Is that a yes? ……


Muuummmmyyy, stop.  I’m trying to sleep.  It’s OK Mac, you don’t have to do anything. Good because I don’t want to do anything.  Look.  Look at my face.  That’s my stop making me a piece of bread face. OK then, what about melon?


Can you see the subtle difference Mummy.  You mean the difference between bread and melon? No Mummy, I mean between my not wanting to be bread face and my not wanting to be melon face. No Baby boy.  They’re both too cute, you little pickle pie.

I think the filters were a hit.  And a perfect way to give a little happiness on a Tuesday.


20 thoughts on “Oh Snap!

    • carrylovescats says:

      I’m so impressed that they worked haha. I think iPhone has a few extra ones, as my friend sent me one where her cats were wearing glasses but I couldn’t find that one.


    • carrylovescats says:

      If you use a smartphone, download the snapchat app and they’re filters on there 🙂 It takes some time getting the cats to look at the camera in the right angle, especially if you’re going for a selfie with them!


    • carrylovescats says:

      these are newly added special cat filters! 🙂 it takes some time getting he cats to face exactly right but i just waggled a pen behind my phone to attract them to look at it haha.


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