Mid Week McLaren #9

Helloooo McLaren here!  This weekend Mummy went MENTAL.  She flung all cupboardors open and took eberything out and then put it all in a bag or back in again depending if she still wantsted it.

It was fun because we gots to explore places like the cave Laser told you about and the big cupboardies in our bedroom.  Laser gots to go in but by the time I got to the room it was too messy so I just helped orderlise the paperworks.


It looks really fun in dere, Laser.  I so jealous of you.


Mummy dis is so unorgalised.

After she finished ordererising the cupboards she went even madderer and moved all our furrniture about and made eberything look different.


Dis is me walking out in shock coz eberyting movered.

Firstly the big storage majigy was moved from one side to the other.  Which meant all the other things hads to move to.


I don’t know why we has a welcomes mat.

The litter trays hads to move the other sides too.  Mummy says its so the smell doesn’t go straight into the landing area, but wes not an airport so I don’t know why that matters.  The little tree moved too because it was in the corner.  Mummy says it’s there to seperate the litter tray and water, but I still managed to put some litter in the water when she wasn’t looking.


Storage majig.

Dis is all our stuff.  Well not all the stuff but all the stuff that gibs us food and treats and deals with it when it comes out our other end.  Mummy jokes because the tin she uses as a bin for our scooped poops says ‘biscuits’ on it.  But she says we’re not allowed to eat those biscuits in there.  She also found the ‘waying scay uls’.  Which means we get less food now because she ‘ways’ it first and we just get what it says is a meals worth.  I will break them soons but I needs to make it look like an accidental.


A funny little platform for our bed.

Der used to be a big bear here.  I don know where he gone.  I suspect he is in the room we not allowed in at the moments.  Maybe he is doing his business so we’s not to disturb and that’s why we can’t go in.  He gots replaced with a basket and some other bears got stuck on top of the majig, which is sad because we used to be able to get up there.  We will have to ask the bears nicely to let us up.

I like the room though.  So does Laser.  It’s more steps to the toilet now, so Is have to remember to leave earlier if I need it so I make it all the way.  But it seem brighter and more spaces and its all clean too because Mummy didn’t do that for a while.

I has to go explore more and see if da bears will let me up the high spot now.

See you next weeks.


11 thoughts on “Mid Week McLaren #9

    • carrylovescats says:

      Oooh the vacuum is a confusing one for these two. They sort of like to chase it, but also like to run in fear when it tries to chase them.


    • carrylovescats says:

      Mummy says we will see him again soon. I will be patient. He was ginger like me, so I think he might be my Daddy. I’m not sure. He doesn’t say anything when I speak to him.


    • carrylovescats says:

      Well we didn’t gibs her permissions but we’s both quite happy about it now. And it was exciting exploring everything she moved and rolling in the dust piles that she sweepered.


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