Mid Week McLaren #10

Wowzy folks.  Number tenty.  That means I ams getting olderer and we are in doubly figgles.

Mummy wanted to tells you all that shes sorry she hasn’t bloggered for a while or commented on anypurrdy elses blogs but shes beened away with work and we DIDS NOT have a party no matters what she tellsies you in the future.

Today I wantsed to bloggle about a NEW mystery.  Mr Bear still has not come back but we haves a new thing to thinks about now and I thinks that they might be relaterated.

Firsterly, Mummy came home on Caturday with a cat box.  She put it down for a moment to open the spare bedroom door where Mr Bear is.  Wes tried to see what was inside but we didn’t get much of a chance.


Then the box disappeared and Mr Bear didn’t come back and the door was shut again.  Wes can’ts hear anything behind the door but we wonder what is going on in there and who came back with Mummy.

Luckily because they didn’t come outs we gots to sits on Mummy’s knee all evening, even when she was hungry and neededs to go to the litter.


Then on Sunday eberything was normal.  And I seemed to on Monday too but then Mummy came home from work after only a tiny time of being there and surprised us.  Only this time she snatchered Laser up and took her into the spare room.  She came out again a few mimnits later in the new box!!!!!  She just had time to says Mr Bear is still there before she went to the OUTSIDE with Mummy and they lefted me alone.

It was a frighty time but I’m a big boy and I hids in the bedroom and waited for them to come back.  This time the box was put in the kitchen and Laser ran out, so I jumped in quickly to have a snoopy and a sniffle.


It just was smelling a bit cleaned.  I didn’t knows why at first, but then I wents to find Laser and I don’ts know what she was doodling in there but she hads a very wet foot and it smelled like the clean too.  She told me a Lady who prodded and pokeled her did it so I think she must have went to the vets, because they dids that to me to.


Mummy says that she has derma like us from biting her own paw.  She’s silly from doing that.  I likes food but even I wonts eated my foot.

Later Mummy moved the box agains and this time I hads to run and hide incase it was me that wents inside and on a trip.


Unfortulilly I was hiding too hard to see where the box went so I don’t know if what originally came in it has been moved or if Mr Bear has the case now.

I will lets you know if I finds out more.


18 thoughts on “Mid Week McLaren #10

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    Most kitties go hide when they see that box. I’m sure that Mr. Bear will return home soon? I hope so. You need not worry about anything if you don’t have to go into that box. Just saying.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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