TBT 01/11/18 & A Purrple Halloween

Wow, it’s a busy Thursday at the blog this week, and we’re not even joining any of the Thursday blog-hops!

First up, we have a few photos from this week in the past few years to throwback to.



McLaren gets a box with his name on.


McLaren enjoyed his first yoghurt…


Laser gets comfy on the cat tree.



Laser plays games in her Sunday best.


Laser watches videos on instagram.


Laser drags all of my motorsport flags onto the staircase.

On top of the weekly throwback, I wanted to share some photos from the Halloween party at the Purrple Cat Cafe.  It was a members only party, and a lot of us dressed up.  We had a treasure hunt and a quiz (which I won!) and the best costume also won a prize.

The place was decorated awesomely and the cats seemed to love it.


One of the pumpkins!


Tash, keeping a look out during the treasure hunt.




Another awesome pumpkin.


Not really Halloween themed, but this was adorable!  Tilly is one of my favourites.


Beetlejuice & Rocket


Three witches. Can you spot their cat friend?


Soozie, trying to escape instead of having to go to bed.

It was great fun at the party and it was nice to get away from home for the evening so I didn’t have to pretend not to be in as I didn’t have any sweeties!  Woops.

16 thoughts on “TBT 01/11/18 & A Purrple Halloween

    • carrylovescats says:

      There is a flame point Ragdoll, yes. I think he’s 6 months old. (or possibly 8, this year has gone fast). The cafe adopted. 4 brothers and 1 sister, four of them are flame and one of the boys is blue point. They’re so cute and such fun!

      Thanks for visiting and also for the follow! X


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