Laser’s Lament

Aaaah, this is the life.  Snoozing on the sofa with Carry on a dark and cold Autumn evening while she watches TV before supper time.


But wait.  What if I got comfortable on her lap, that would be even better.  More warmth, more comfort and more snuggles and fuss from Carry…  What?!  How did he get there?!


Damn, I was so cosy and comfortable I forgot that I had a little brother and he sneaked into my spot on Carry’s lap.  Little brothers are SO annoying.  Why couldn’t Carry have got a little mousie instead.  Then I could tell him what to do and him not be bigger than me.  What am I going to do now?  I better think about this one…


I guess my spot here is kinda comfy.  Carry is right beside me, and the cushions are lopsided, so I can use them like a pillow.  Yea.  This is the spot.  Don’t need no hooman lap for me.  This is perfect… zzzzzz


22 thoughts on “Laser’s Lament

  1. onespoiledcat says:

    You do look quite comfy there Laser…….AND Carry is right there beside you. This way if she wiggles around a bit, it won’t disturb you like it would if you were on her lap. See? Making the best of what you have is usually the better road to travel…………..

    Hugs, Teddy

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    • carrylovescats says:

      Its hard, but sometimes she just wishes she has Mummy all to herself. Her favourite time is just after i’ve showered, because McLaren knows the hair drier is coming so he stays away, whereas she knows I spend ten minutes sat in my towel and she will get fussed if she rubs against me and pats my hands haha.


    • carrylovescats says:

      That’s lucky. Until recently neither of them were keen on sitting on my lap. One day Laser surprised me by climbing on and taking a nap. McLaren got jealous so the next night he ran to beat her up there. 🙂 They’ve been lap cats ever since.


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