Mid Week McLaren #13

Hey!  It’s McLaren again, guys.  Mummy told me this week that some cats go outside a lot.  She even said some poor kitties live outside and fend for themselves their whole lives.  How crazy is that?!

I purrsonally don’t likes the outside.  It’s ascary.   I went outside onces and it was horribable.  Mummy put my leash on, which is OK because it’s like a hug, but then she opened the door and I wents outside with hp0o—-[[[[ – Hey Laser, get offs the keyboard.  I wents outside with her.


But then it all went to disaster.  First I sniffled around and it was OK buts I was cautious.  I gots atangled though.  My lead wents around a plastic chair leg and then the chair moved and it mades me jump a mile.  Only when I jumped so did the chair, so I ran the other way and all around and up the wooden wall before Mummy caught me and took me inside.

I was still afrightened though, so as soon as she puts me down I ran again and the lead was pulled from her hand.  It gots stuck under a door in the lounge and I got trapped halfway up the stairs and then I peed everywhere.

Luckily Mummy rescued me and Laser came to check me with her puffy tail.  She wouldn’t let Mummy near me for a while just to make sure I was OK.  But then we all calmed down and it was fine.

Now when Mummy opens the door I go upstairs to the spare bedroom and hide as best as I can.  It much nicer inside.


Looking out the window is just fine for me.

Have a nice weeks, furriends.

16 thoughts on “Mid Week McLaren #13

  1. onespoiledcat says:

    Well McLaren you are much safer inside that’s for sure….all kitties are. I love being outside myself but we suspect I was used to that before I was adopted from the shelter so that’s why I’m comfortable out there. I do love being inside as well though. Cozy blankets, comfy chairs, snuggly beds – who can resist that??!!

    Hugs, Teddy

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    • carrylovescats says:

      Sometimes I see the doggies going for walkies and it amazes me they don’t get tangled. I wish I could do that sometimes, but then again… I can run and jump and play inside anyway, so I don’t really need to.


  2. catladymac says:

    McLaren, we are glad that your misadventure turned out all right in the long run. I have some kitties that were raised inside and now want to be outside, period. Other cats were outside and couldn’t wait t stay in . Our human would like us all inside but after having to chase us when we slip out every time she opened the door, we had her trained.

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