Featured Feline: Poppy Simpson

Welcome to a brand new section on the blog!

I announced that I would be starting these features a few weeks ago, and I already have several kitties lined up to introduce in the coming weeks.  I’m so excited for you to meet them all.

To start off the new series of Carry Loves Cats Featured Felines, I would like you all to meet:

Poppy Simpson


Who… Me?!

Poppy is an eight and a half year old tabby, who spends his life indoors with his human parents, Rebecca and Nathan.  He has two human siblings, Ethan and Isla and two kitty siblings, Rosie and George.  


Ethan, Isla and Poppy.


Poppy and George

You may think there was a typo in that first paragraph, but Poppy is indeed a male cat.  Rebecca had always loved cats, and while living with her parents, she’d been unable to have one.   Once she moved in with her now-husband Nathan, she knew it was something they had to do.  When a friend of Nathan’s sister announced that her cat had kittens, the Simpson’s couldn’t handle how cute they were and adopted the last one left, being told that it was female.  Nine months down the line, Poppy’s manliness began to show and it was realised she was actually a boy!  


Smol kitty Pops.

He enjoys hiding around doors waiting for his kitty siblings to walk past so he can pat them on the bottom, although the ‘tubby beast’ can’t run fast or jump the stair gate, so he often regrets it when the other cats take chase!

Poppy, who is also affectionately known as ‘Floppy’ loves the ‘Kickeroo Kong’ toys and wags his tail constantly – happy, sad, annoyed?  The tail is always wagging.  He’s also a big sleeper, enjoying naps all day while the family are out.  When the family are home, he can often be found sleeping on his human Dad’s feet.


Dreaming of being a boxer cat.


This is my lap now.

And just because it’s too fluffy not to include, here are some bonus Poppy belly shots!






If you would like your cat featured on the blog, please drop me a line over on the Contact Page and I’ll send you out a questionnaire!  Check back in two weeks time for the next Featured Feline!

Featured Feline


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