Mid Week McLaren #14

McLaren here again.  I’ve been busy prackelsting this week.

Mummy informed me that I should be able to jump about five or six times my length.  I measureded against Laser and that means she can jumps further than me, which definitely isn’t fair, so I decided to learns to jump furtherer than she can.


I’ve even be prackelsting dives in my sleep.  I thinks I would be good at diving ifs I didn’t mind the water.

Also, I haves a fear of falling.  Laser can jumps from the bed in Mummy’s room to the Windysill.  I’m to ascared of doing that and missing, so’s I always climb off the bed and jumps up to the windy after.  Laser says that is a lots of effort and I should mancat up.


I aksed Mr Cosy Bear for some advice on being the manly boy and he says that I shoulds just be myselfs.  He says that I dons need to be brave because Mummy loves me and that when I cames along Mummy stop using him as a warmer because I dos the warming now.

I felts a little bad for Mr Cosy Bear, but he has Laser now as his girlfriend (ewwww.  icky cooties!) and so I decided to stop learning to spring afar and keep Mummy’s legs warm, because that makers her happy and when Mummy is happy I’m a purry boy.  That’s my true calling.


Mummy has also been playing lots of pockermons lately.  She named her Eevee furriend after Laser and named the mister who is her friend in the game after me.  Sometimes I has to remind her to plays with the reals me and Laser though, because she gets very caughts up in it.

Do you play games with your kitties?  Because it’s fun to share the funs.

15 thoughts on “Mid Week McLaren #14

  1. onespoiledcat says:

    Well McLaren we all have our strengths and if you are a leg warmer that’s an important function indeed. My “job” is to make sure my Mom and Dad get lots of FRESH AIR – that’s why I demand to go outside constantly with my harness on. Mom and Dad sit in a chair and freeze their various body parts off while I hunt (or pretend to) and dig in the leaves and have tons of fun. Sooner or later they drag me inside again. See? You’re a leg warmer and I’m a “make sure the old folks get air and exercise” guy. As for games…..we do a lot of hide and seek in the house which is fun. I’ll hide somewhere and squeak and Mom tries to find me then it’s her turn to find a hiding place.

    Hugs, Teddy

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    • carrylovescats says:

      That sounds like a very important job. My Mummy goes to the outside a lot. I worry for her, because as I said last week, it’s scary out there. Luckily so far she has always come back and I make sure I am waiting by the door rub against her and purr and patt her for attention while she takes her shoes and coat off.

      Hide and seek sounds fun. I wonder if that is what Laser is playing when Mummy asks me where she is. Laser is good at hiding ,although she’s ALWAYS in the same place, Mummy just forgets that she goes there!

      Love McLaren x


  2. Three Chatty Cats says:

    That’s okay, McLaren. Sophie isn’t a good jumper either. Sometimes she makes me laugh when she tries and misses. I know, that’s mean of me. Woodrow is our big jumper! He’s amazing anf fearless when it comes to jumping! I hope your mommy plays with you a lot today (and tomorrow and the next day…)

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  3. Marjorie Dawson says:

    Us cats love play and enjoy spring in the garden with lots of sunshine!

    Happy Thanksgiving we are rushing round catching up * paw hugs * but glad to visit.

    The Dash Kitten Crew

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