The Purrfect Princesses

Laser and Cilla have come together this week for a list of rules and tips on how female felines should act to become the purrfect princesses in their family.  Many of these tips may help humans to understand how their princesses should be treated and explain any strange behaviours that princesses may show in their domesticated lives.

1.  Always make sure your human gets your best side, when they are taking photos of you.DSC_0130

2.  If your subjects do not meet your demands – play dead.DSC_0139

3.  Ensure subjects provide adequate protection and security measures for your public appearances.DSC_0244

4.  Make sure you are front and centre of any group photos – particularly if pretty humans are involved.DSC_0281

5.  DO NOT allow humans to take photos of you in compromising positions.DSC_0303

6.  Ensure all fans are kept behind barriers.DSC_0330

7.  Always cover your mouth when you cough, sneeze or giggle.DSC_0338

8.  Ensure you have royal backdrops for important occasions such as the appearance of a camera.DSC_0372

9.  Ensure you are seen to be demure and regal at all times.DSC_0395

10.  Gifts should be provided to you at all occasions.DSC_0416

11.  Make sure that you save enough seats for yourself.DSC_0485

12.  Have staff on hand to test food and drink prior to you partaking of it – you never know if someone is trying to poison you.DSC_0706

13.  Ensure that subjects know their place and that they can fall from favour at short notice.DSC_0924

14.  Make sure your underside gets a regular airing.DSC_1073

15.  However, remain dignified at all times.FB_IMG_1508603749375

16.  Ensure your home is adequately large enough for your needs.IMG_20151230_130850

17.  Accompany your humans at meal times, to ensure they get their five a day.IMG_20160101_172903

18.  Express displeasure at gifts that are not large enough for your liking.IMG_20161227_114601

19.  Show off your hunting prowess and display your trophies with pride.IMG_20170311_205042

20.  Remain calm during home renovations.  They may make a mess, but hopefully they will be to your own benefit.IMG_20170430_151820

21.  Approve all pawtraits before they are displayed to the public.IMG_20170511_193013

22.  Get regular exercise.  Or at least stretch and move to a new position for napping every now and then.IMG_20170603_120414

23.  Check all bedding options and find the comfiest.  Do not just accept the first pillow that is offered.IMG_20170617_142655

These are, of course, just some of the rules of kitty princessism.  Cats who wish to become the Queen of their household should follow these closely, and their subjects should be aware of them to ensure everything runs smoothly during the reign.

What rules do your kitties have to make sure they’re remembered as the royal members of the household?

15 thoughts on “The Purrfect Princesses

    • carrylovescats says:

      #15 is one of my favourite photos of Laser! Haha. And the cat in #6 used to come around before we got mcLaren. He looks A LOT like McLaren only bigger. When McLaren first joined the family I thought Laser would probably think it was ‘ginger cat’ from out side.


  1. onespoiledcat says:

    What excellent guidance for those who must fulfill the role of Princess…..may I say that many of those are very similar to what tips are available for those of us who are KING (or Prince) of our domain too! The photos are all great……..and we agree that the watercolor is beautiful.

    Hugs, Teddy

    Liked by 1 person

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