Monday Musings


McLaren enjoyed watching the sun rise on a new week this morning.  I’m sure he is thinking about all the mischief he can get upto this week and how the windows have a strange sprinkle of white on thhem.  The ice on the windows wasn’t half as deep as the ice on the car.  Winter is well and truly settling in.

We have visitors coming later in the week.  McLaren and Laser will get to see their Nanna again and meet their Great Auntie for the first time.  I think they will probably both spend most of the time wondering what on earth is going on and following the visitors to make sure they’re not going to steal anything.

Hopefully they’ll both settle and not be too upset with the newcomers.  It is only for a few days, so they will soon have the house back to themselves.

I took a photo of the frost from the inside of my car this morning.  Isn’t it pretty?


13 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Eastside Cats says:

    We are under a Winter Storm Advisory right now, but so far we are still on the ‘warm’ side of the front, and it’s just been rainy. I found some frosty window photos that I’d taken years ago; frost can be pretty, but for me it means our old windows are OLD! LOL!

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