Nothing is Safe

Well, after the past adventures of McLaren and Laser managing to climb onto the shelves and opening food and treat packets and eating themselves silly, I moved all edible pieces into the cupboard.  I thought this was a safe idea, as it is relatively high up (waist height) and has a door on the front.



They have figured out that if they hit and scratch at the doors long enough, they will open a little and using their claws they can finally get inside.  So, everything ‘spare’ or ‘chewable’ has been moved to the spare bedroom for now, until I find a suitable lock to attach to the cupboard.

Desperate measures came into effect last night, however.  I was just about to turn out the lights and go to sleep when McLaren hopped up on my bed and dropped something by my side to instigate a game of fetch.  He’d been rolling something around on the floor for a while and I assumed it was a pen.



He’d clearly been back in the cupboard and searching it for all his worth, as when I picked up the object to throw for him, I found a STANLEY KNIFE in my hand. I didn’t even know I owned a stanley knife!  Where had it come from?!

Of course the cupboard door was opened and the craft supplies inside were somewhat jumbled.  The stanley knife is now taking a vacation in the spare bedroom.

In the mean time…



16 thoughts on “Nothing is Safe

    • carrylovescats says:

      I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t the only place I can really keep the bag of kibble! Also the fact that he bangs at it to open at night while i’m trying to get to sleep. I already have to keep the wardrobe doors open to deter them from banging on those.


  1. Eastside Cats says:

    Da Boyz have figured out that if they hit the screen door on the kitchen often enough, it will bounce open enough so they can then reduce the kitchen into a disaster zone. We feel your pain, and we’ve got tape, hook-and-eyes, and rope loops as ‘cat-enterus-avoidus’ tools! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • carrylovescats says:

      Hahaha! I would have just tied rope around the cupboard door handles but only one of the doors has a handle, the other door can (by humans!) only be opened by opening the first. That seems to be the one they manage to open first each time though!


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