Mid Week McLaren #15

Hello, McLaren is here again.  And boy we’ve had a busy week with parcels coming left right and centre!  Mummy says it’s because Christmas is coming.  I don’t know who Christmas is but he sure has a lot of stuff.

I did some helping with unwrapping the parcels with Mummy.  First we has to tear off all the strips.  That’s my favourite part because I gets to play with the strips after.  The strips are the best bits of parcels that aren’t big enoughs for my to sit in afterwards.


Laser also helped.  She inspectered that the strips were removed properly.  Then she noddies here head to says that we can proceed.


Dis parcel smells good.  Mummy said its for the Secret Paws exchange.  She tolds me that we’s are buying gifts for another blogger, only it’s a secret so don’t tell (name deleted by Carry, whoops, nearly gave it away there Mac!) that we have got them some (whoops, and nearly gave away the gift.  McLaren… you do know what secret means, right?)


After all that un-boxing and playing with the strips and the smells, it was high time for a naps.  I managed to beat Laser to the lap and got comfy for a snooze.  It’s been fun.


Mummy says there will be a lot more parcels to come.  And also some visitors.  I suspect one of them might be this Christmas guy.  I best go and have another nap to make sure I’m ready for him.


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