Lasey Sunday #16

Hello there.  We have been busy wrapping our Secret Paws gifts this weekend.  Then Carry was supposed to be posting it, but she forgot to take it with her, so we have told her that we are not impressed and we expect that she will give us treats to compensate our giftee getting the gift some days after they should because she forgot.

20181130_213421There was a lot of wrapping paper.  It was very tempting to rip and shred and tear and play, but we knew we had an important job to do.

20181130_221305It was very hard to wrap presents with paws.  Carry had to help us, especially with the celotape because we ended up with it stuck all over us.

20181130_220631We wrote a little note each as well.  I think McLaren needs to work on his paw writing.

20181130_221224Then we got a box and had to ask Carry to help us reshape it a bit to fit the gifts in properly.  It was an old box she had received something in that we used to play in so we made sure to rub against it a lot to send our love with the parcel.

20181130_220943McLaren didn’t want the parcel to leave without him.  He wanted to be shipped with them, but Carry said that she couldn’t fit in the parcel too, so he got out and let her tape it together.  I don’t think she did it very well, so we hope it will last the journey to our giftee.

We are really excited about our giftee receiving the parcel.  We were lucky to get a blogger that we follow and know plenty about to gift.  So we think that they will really enjoy the gifts we have sent.

How are you gifts coming along?  Next year Mummy says she’s going to hand-make something to send, so we are going to help her with that.

7 thoughts on “Lasey Sunday #16

  1. onespoiledcat says:

    Oh whoever gets your Secret Paws box is going to have a lot of fun I’m sure! We didn’t do Secret Paws this year but maybe nest year we will. It was just too hard after Angel Sammy got his wings but now I’m here and I’m ready to pawticipate! I think you two were a big help to your Mom as she wrapped presents and fixed that box up – nice that you donated the box for the cause too!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  2. L.M.G. Miller says:

    Oh, this fun and festive box showed up at our house!!! We opened it Christmas morning, and it made our holiday so very merry and bright. The goodies inside are absolutely purrfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Laser, McLaren, and Carry!

    Purrs, woofs, and warm wishes,
    Evan, Thimble, Eddy, Tonks, Toby, Winky, pup Astrid, and Lorianne

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