Midweek McLaren

Hey guys.  Do you like snooger?  My Mummy likes snooger and even Laser likes snooger.  I don’t really get it.  Mummy says you have to count and I’m nots very good at that.  Mummy has been away lately and says she will be away all this week after works to go and see the snooger so I won’t get to snuggle except at night when she is sleeping.

This makes me like snooger even less.

What do you think?

Here’s some pictures of Laser watching snooger.  Maybe Laser can teach me to count while Mummy is away and then I’ll understand it.


17 thoughts on “Midweek McLaren

    • carrylovescats says:

      It really is annoying. But only for this week because theys are playing nearby. So mummy can watch them in person. She says she likes the players and likes to cheer them on. If it’s not nearby I can snooze on her lap while she watches on tv. I will writes a strongly worded letter to the snooger gods and ask them to stay away ins the future.


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