Blink! and the Food Was Gone


If you’ve been watching our social media page for the past few days you’ll see that we received a package from Blink Cat Food.  We were contacted a week or so before by their team asking if Laser and McLaren would enjoy trying out their products.  We all know that McLaren would never forgive me if I turned down food on his behalf, so we jumped at the chance.

Blink! is available in the UK and is currently on sale in Tesco stores, although they are planning to be available in more supermarkets in the future.  Their foods use only British shredded meat and are high in meat content.  They are 100% natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals and are derivative free.


They sell both pouches for a complete meal and also treats.  Blink provided us with 8 pouches and 3 packets of treats and we’re going to work our way through them slowly, and blog about our thoughts.

Yesterday we we had our un-boxing and first taster session, so I’m going to hand over to the cats to tell you all about it.

L:  Am I doing the attention thing right, Carry?


M:  No Laser you gibs this bit the attentions.  Look, it has a notes from the Blink! peoples and tings for us to eats.  Isn’t that nice?


M:  OK I pick de pink packet.  It’s de Roasted Chicken and Shredded Beef.  It sounds good because I likes chicken and I likes beef and I gets both in one meal then!


L:  Okies well we can share that and I am choosing the packet which is just Roasted Chicken because you can never have enough chicken can you?  Right Carry, get opening them slave… I mean please.


C:  OK I guess I should take over here.  The cats were so eager to tuck in that I didn’t even get the chance to take a photo of the food in the bowl.  I should also say, that they were eating this outside of usual meal times, having already had breakfast and it being a good 5 hours before normal dinner.  They either have bottomless pits as tummies or they really, really liked it!


L:  Look Carry it looks like the chicken you eat.  It is like I’m eating human food instead of all that jelly stuff I normally have to lick off to get to the meat.


M:  Ommmnomnom.  Mummy stop asking me to speak, I’m eating.  Lickity.


M:  Slurrrrp.  Mmmm beefy and chickeny and nomnom.  Dis is heaven Mummy.


L:  Let me try the beefy one too.  It looks good.  Oooh yea, that hits the spot too.


M:  I try the chicken too.  (Laser actually growled at McLaren when he got this close to her pile of chicken!)


L:  Yea, I can’t decide which is best.  I like Chicken, but I like Chicken and Beef too.  I love it.  I’m going to eat it all and lick the floor clean again afterwards too.


Laser held out on her bargain.  McLaren’s tummy filled up before he finished the food (the first time that’s ever happened!) and Laser finished it all off, before licking the taste off the floor and then searching for more.

A little later on, I decided to try them with the first of the packets of treats. I got a little over enthusiastic and tore the top strip off before I remembered to take a photo.  The packets are resealable and as you can see, McLaren was excited for treats before the seal had even been opened!


The jumblers have little letters on each treat and I was going to try to spell out some words, but the kitties were too eager to try them out.  Laser is fussy with treats – the only cat in the world who doesn’t care for dreamies – but she loved the smell of these, and wolfed them down before I had a chance for a photo.


M:  OK Mummy you only gave me five.  Let me at them, I want more!


Blink recommend you spell out a five letter word and give those as a portion.  McLaren was a little upset that it meant you could spell ‘Laser’ for a portion, but his own name would need two portions.

In all it seems like a success.   The cats enjoyed their treats and their meals and they’re looking forward to trying the remaining pouches and the other treats.

Keep your eyes open over the next few weeks to see how they get on!

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