Boxless Day

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  We had a nice chilled and quiet day, with Cilla and Charlie.  We had present opening, Christmas dinner and then a lazy afternoon.


Charlie with his gift from Laser & McLaren


Cilla enjoying the unwrapping process


Cilla absolutely lost her mind over a Pets At Home bag.

Today is boxing day, although we didn’t really have many boxes, much to the cats disappointment.  My Grandad came to visit and we generally had another lazy day eating left overs and watching movies.


Present from Grandad.  


But she still prefers the bag.




And leftover turkey!


And then Charlie helped me build some lego.

Cilla appears to have let me in a little since my first day back – we’ve been playing with a spinner from a cracker and she has let me brush her a few times.  I’m sure she is still counting down the time until I leave again!

I can’t wait to see Laser and McLaren again – less than two days to go!  They even have a couple of presents waiting for them to open!

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