A Day in the Life of Laser

Have you ever wondered what the kitties get up to in their day to day lives?  They might well spend 16 hours of the day sleeping, but that doesn’t mean they’re not very busy doing other important jobs in their waking hours.

Here is Laser’s timetable for the average day living with me.

12 – 1am:  After a few hours of play while I’m reading, the cats join me in bed.  It’s usually sometime between midnight and 1am that  I feel one of them jump up and get comfy and then a few minutes later, I feel the other join me.


Approx 4am:  Laser wakes up and realises she wants a fuss.  I’m not sure what is so special about 4am, but on a regular basis Laser wakes me up.  She doesn’t want feeding, she just wants to be fussed for a while.  Here’s a video of her waking me up.

8.30am:  Breakfast time.  Laser always waits patiently.  McLaren normally follows me everywhere and chatters to me until his bowl is filled.


9am – 12pm:  Mostly napping.  Got to get that 16hours in somehow!


12pm – 2pm: A bit of play time and enjoying the warmth of the radiators.  My radiators have wide tops and both cats enjoy sitting on them.  I did consider buying radiator beds, but I think they’d still just sit on top of them anyway.


3pm – 4.30pm:  Sitting on the cat tree is an important part of this time of the day.


4.30pm:  On watch.  This is the most important part of the day – I come home from work about half past five, but just in case I am early, Laser and McLaren watch out of the window for my car. 


6pm: Post-shower fuss.  This is probably my favourite part of the day, and along with the 4am fuss, is probably Laser’s.  There is something about me being damp and in a towel that she really likes.


6.30pm:  This is also a form of watch.  Watching me eat and hoping that I either drop some food or allow them to eat some.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of them helping themselves.


7pm:  Lap time. Sometimes this involves fighting with McLaren to get the spot and others it involves sitting beside me because I’m crafting.


8pm:  Bit of a brush.  Got to keep the fur sleek and shiny somehow.


9pm:  Sit in the box.  Sometimes this coincides with McLaren’s time for playing fetch, so it’s a good place to watch the entertainment.


10pm:  Hide and seek.  Mostly just hiding, unless McLaren decides to seek.  Then chasing ensues.


10.30pm:  Supper time.  The last meal of the day!


10.30pm – 12am:  Play time.  Exploring cupboards, chasing McLaren, making a lot of noise downstairs.  Just the general cat stuff.

As you can see, it’s a busy life.  Lot’s to do around that 16 hours of sleep.


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