Throw Back Thursday 31/01/19

Crikey, January 2019 has gone already!?  I see a lot of people saying it’s going really slowly, but for me it has flown by – I guess that is what happens when your birthday is in January.

But as well as the month flying by, the years have too – here’s a look back at what Laser & McLaren were getting up to this time in past couple of years.


I received an injured worry monster from my friend Telle of 1906 Monsters.  McLaren and Laser immediately fell in love with him so he has been in and out of their toy box all year.


McLaren was…. er… Really letting it all hang out in 2018.



Laser had to return to the vets for a check up after being spayed.  She was all fine, but she tried really hard to cute her way out of the appointment.


Here she is enjoying a celebratory belly rub.  So fluffy!  But what was she celebrating?!…


SHE CAUGHT HER TAIL!  Yippee, well done kitten Laser!  What a lovely thing to remember!

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12 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday 31/01/19

    • carrylovescats says:

      Laser is the cutest thing in the world, I swear. She has her ‘resting bitch face’ but when she wants attention she can be adorable with her little trills and poking her head in my face and rolling and antics. She melts my heart!


    • carrylovescats says:

      These two don’t really seem all that stressed going. They just don’t seem to understand that the carrier isn’t forever. Or that when we’re sat in the vets waiting room that freedom would be scarier than the carrier – there is nearly always dogs there!


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