Ready for Take Off…

Well, we’re all set for our first foster cat.  The coordinator says it will be likely before the end of the week and I really excited to meet my first lodger.

The foster room is ready, with food, cleaning equipment, toys, beds and litter all waiting for a sweet kitty to require their services.  I had a big clean out of the room over the weekend and found a few of Laser and McLaren’s favourite mouse toys hiding in there, so at least they’ve gained some of their old friends back even if they have lost a room.


I’m collecting toilet rolls at the moment to make into some form of enrichment for the fosters.  I probably also need to clear out that cupboard so I can fit some of the bits and pieces that the cats are likely to tear at in there.

Each cat that gets adopted will get to take their foster blanket with them. I have a selection of blankets (one of which you can see on top of the igloo bed) and I plan to knit or crochet some more for future cats.


I will also need to invest in some sort of waterproof cover for the sofa bed, but McLaren has peed on it a few times when he was a kitten, so to be honest, another few pees won’t make much difference!

Laser and McLaren seem to have accepted that the room is no longer accessible to them.  They only really ever went in to hide under the sofa bed or look out of the window anyway, so I’m hoping they won’t be too upset.


They still haven’t gone into the cat house – although one of the toys I put inside has found its way out again, so someone must have peeped in to grab that.  I think they’re currently both obsessed with sleeping on the cat tree still, so maybe when their next change of favourite spot happens, someone will choose the cat house.


On Tuesday evening, Laser decided to steal my chair while I was making a cup of tea.  I came back and asked politely for her to move but she just made herself more comfortable, so I decided to bridge over her.  McLaren got jealous and then came to join us.  It wasn’t the most relaxing position for me, but it was nice and cosy all snuggled together.


Oh, and don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that it’s Thursday.  I do have a little throwback for you today.  This is a video of McLaren doing one of his huge jumps from the sofa while playing fetch.  He still does this – I’m sure he’s part dog.

20 thoughts on “Ready for Take Off…

  1. Sandee says:

    There are people I know that don’t have that nice of digs. Great job and I hope you’re a huge success. You’re sure starting off on the right foot.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥


  2. Adventures in Cat Fostering says:

    So exciting! The tv is a great idea but reading out loud is good, too. Gets the nervous ones used to your voice. The blankie is a nice touch; I do that with all mine. It gives them something that smells familiar, comforting. I do a little gift bag with a sample of what they’re eating, a toy (especially if I’ve noticed a favourite kind), a blankie (usually just a piece of fleece), and any paperwork/records they have.

    Liked by 2 people

    • carrylovescats says:

      That’s a good idea, about reading outloud. I tend to talk to myself all the time anyway, so they’ll probably hear my voice a fair bit haha.

      Yea, I think CP give litter and food for a few days for them to see what they have been eating with us.


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