Craft Show Cats

As I mentioned in my blog on Saturday, I visited the Glasgow Craft Show.  A friend had kindly purchased me a ticket for my birthday, and I’d been looking forward to it ever since.  I gave myself a budget of £100 and blew that, along with another £200 (or so it feels like!).

Thankfully there were lots of kitty related things at the show, so I took some photos to show you what I saw, and what I purchased.


I’d never seen these before. There were a couple with kitty patterns on them and I was tempted to purchase one, but I have LOTS of bags, so I managed to stop myself.


There was lots of quilts on display. Here are two that caught my eye. I’m not a quilter myself, but some of the masterpieces really made me want to give it a try.


This little guy is super cool. He might make an appearance later on in this blog. Ahem.


This is super cute. They had a kit you could buy, but I resisted. The also had “Good Dog” versions.


I bought a marble painting kit while I was at the show. This is one of the items I purchased from another stall to try and marble paint!


There were LOTS of cross stitch patterns available. One stall had a full section of cat ones. I managed to limit myself to just this one.


I told you you might see this one again! On my lounge rug this time. I couldn’t help myself.


More goodies for marbling. I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining the letters.

On top of these cat related bits and pieces, I bought wool, gin and a knitting kit.  I also made a piece of paper from pulp mixed with lavender.  It hadn’t quite dried out when I got home so I left it on the side.  One of the cats left a little paw print in it, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) it dried out flat.

In further happy news, Lexus had a visitor on Sunday.  His new Mum and Dad came to meet him and although he hid well inside the fold up bed, they managed to catch a quick glance of him and decided to take him.  They have a kitty of their own already so I’m sure he will be happy with his new sister.  I’m going to let him take his favourite ball with him.


After his new family departed, I realised that there was an easy way to block up the space where both Lexus and Lulu have hidden, so that has since been stuffed with the cushions from my sofa which I don’t use, and has successfully been tested for blockability.

I have a couple of days left with Lexus and I’m hoping to bring him out of his shell a bit more.  He has been letting me touch him since his escape from the foster bedroom, but he’s still a little unsure.  He doesn’t seem to like me sitting in with him, so I’ve been trying to have regular short visits with him instead of longer ones where I would read.

Here’s a cute gif of him dancing last night (in actually fact it was “oh gosh she’s got the camera out, where can I hide?”


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