Success and a Little Bit of Help.


For those of you who haven’t seen on my social media accounts, Lexus was adopted on Wednesday evening.  He, and his favourite ball, have gone off to his new home with lovely parents and a fur-sibling called Nala.  His new owner and I were sending messages prior to his adoption.  I sent a few photos and videos across to her to see him properly and in thanks she bought some treats for McLaren and Laser.


This morning, I received two photos of Lexus settling in at his new home. He hasn’t been introduced to his new sibling yet, but I am sure from his side it will be fine.  Hopefully little Nala will grow to love her new brofur as much as McLaren did in his short time with us.


I think McLaren is quite sad that his new friend has left us.  Maybe he liked having another man cat around the house to play with.  They had become good buddies and he enjoyed going into the foster room to see Lexus as well as playing around the house when Lexus made a break for it.  I find him regularly sat outside the foster room hoping I will let him in and when I do he runs in and peeps under the bed to see if his friend is back yet.


On Wednesday I headed into the city for Craft Club at the cat cafe.  We had some new members join us to help crochet a large blanket, while I’m still working on my knitted blanket.  I had a little help from Merida, one of the resident torties this week.  She kept my tension in check and made sure I wasn’t purling when I should have been knitting.

I’m not sure when my next foster cat will arrive, but I’m looking forward to meeting my third new furriend.  I can’t believe how quickly the first two have come and gone.  It’s a great feeling.  Of course you guys will be hearing all about it!

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16 thoughts on “Success and a Little Bit of Help.

  1. onespoiledcat says:

    Lucky Lexus to not only have had a wonderful foster home but to have found his FOREVER so quickly! I hope everything works out for him there. Maybe McLaren will get a new “temporary friend” soon………….


    Liked by 1 person

    • carrylovescats says:

      It’s funny i was worried that McLaren would struggle and play up with having a new cat in the house, but he’s just been absolutely adorable about it. Laser is as I expected but I knew that she’d not play up and start peeing in places she shouldn’t. She just gets jealous and growls a bit.


    • carrylovescats says:

      Haha! That’s awesome. It was actually just coincidence that Lexus was a automotor name. My two are named after favourite race teams, so once I’ve used all my favourite teams up, they’ll probably get drivers names!


  2. caren gittleman says:

    I can see why Lexus was adopted so fast, what a handsome cat! Your crocheting is wonderful! FYI we have been following you on twitter but you aren’t following us, our twitter is @catchatcaren
    I know you don’t want to read our blog but hey, at least follow us on Twitter………..have a great weekend!


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