Meet Merlin

Hewwoooo!  McLaren here.  Der is an imposture ins da hous at de moment.  He look lyk me but he not be me.  Who is dis guy?  Why he twy to steal my idenpurrty?  Look, you fink he look lyk me, frens?


Mummy say he called Merlin and he from Cats Pawtection and he be looking fur his foreber home lyk Lulu and Lexus was.  He smell funny and Mummy say his old Mummy smoked, which is strange becoz I fort dat smoking was only for hams and fishies and he no smell like smoked hams or fishies.


He is not vewy frenly eiber.  He twy to escape da foster room but Mummy stoppered him but not before his hissedled at me and Laser.  And den when Mummy was on da toilet, he meowed so I went to say hi coz I fort he want to be frens but eben tho we couldn’t see each uber he hissedled again and it scareded me so I sit wif Mummy while she go litter.

After dat Mummy went to bed and we had a little play to make me feel better.  It was much fun and den we hads a long nap time but we was wokered up by Merlin making a clatter.  He no lyks being in da foster room but he has to stay der coz he mean and scaredy.

14 thoughts on “Meet Merlin

  1. onespoiledcat says:

    Merlin is a handsome chap but remember, McLaren that he lost his home and doesn’t understand what’s happening to him – it IS scary and he doesn’t feel safe there yet. He will though once he knows he can count on food and shelter and get used to being around people he can trust. Carry will get him settled down I bet. She can win him over and soon he can find his forever home. Maybe you can be friends soon too. Just be patient!

    Hugs, Teddy


  2. Adventures in Cat Fostering says:

    “coz he mean and scaredy” — Hee. Aw, poor guy. I hate when they come in smelling like smoke. (It goes away in a few days). I’m sure it’s just as loving a home but it must smell even worse to them. And McLaren, we all know patience is hard!


    • carrylovescats says:

      Mummy say is good job i don’t smell lyk dat or she mek me hab a baff! Baffs are fun but not if you are in da water. I lyk to watch Mummy hab baff and sometyms pat de water but I no lyk to be in da bath wif the water.


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