Man Cat Monday with McLaren

McLaren here.  I habs had a busy yesterday.  Der was much to do and most of it was science or so Mummy says.  She say somefing called grabbity make da water in da big high bowl disdapear but I fink der is somfing der inside da plug.  It make a loud growl noise when it steal da water.

So I dids an investimagation.  When Mummy filled da bowl wif water, I waited patiently while she put it on her face and den when she pull da plug I was ready.  I watchded carefully and den as soon as I could I wented in da bowl for a closer inspekshun.


I dids a cautious tappy tappy but nofin happen.  I fink da monster go wif da gurgle.  But you can see in da pichur dat der is still some water left.  So I keepered a tappying just in case it cames back.


I watchered the hole all morning while Mummy get ready for da day and then I hads to stop because it was time for bwekfast and I hads to eat.  I wills try my experiment again and hopefully I will catch da monster soon.  He habs to make a mistake and let me catch him soon. He dos it ebery day.


Mummy gibs me a long expurrlanation about da science but as you can see in da photo I was a bit glazered over.  She say dat der is not a monster in da pipes but dat da water go down inside becoz da grabbity pulls it down.  But I fink dat da grabbity sounds like a good name for a monster, don’t you?  I fink dat da grabbity is making da growling as it steals da water and Mummy just no realise dis.

After all dat science I was vewy tired so den I hads a nap but I didn’t dweam about da grabbity monster thankfully.  I hads a nice dream.


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