Spring Clean

Hi all Laser here.  Carry spent the weekend having a clear out, so naturally, I had to oversee the occasion.  She was worse than Marie Kondo, emptying all her closets and then making separate piles and deciding what was going back in and what was going in a big bag (that mysteriously disappeared overnight!).  She called it a Spring Clean, but I didn’t see any springs while we were cleaning, so I think that must be a human thing.


It started in the bedroom – here I am checking out the hats, bikinis and the Hufflepuff outfits.  All of them passed the test and were reinstated in the cupboard.  What this photo doesn’t show is all the jumpers and cardigans on the bed.  Only special ones made it back into the cupboard there.  Some of them were moved into the pyjama drawers.


We moved downstairs after the jumpers were done so that t-shirts and random jackets were sorted out in the lounge.  Carry wanted to watch the racing that was on TV.  That was when I noticed that McLaren wasn’t in eyesight.  I could sense him, but I couldn’t see him, so I was on high alert, making sure he didn’t jump out at me.  (I eventually jumped out at him, he was hiding behind the curtain!)


McLaren and Merlin spent the rest of the day sunbathing in the puddles through the back windows.  It must be a ginger thing as I’m not as interested in the heat.  I enjoy sleeping on Carry’s bed in the front bedroom.  It doesn’t get the sun and it’s nice and cool.  I can nap there all day.


Merlin had his vet appointment on Saturday and was given the all clear for adoption.  He went up on the site on Saturday and one hour later he already had over 30 comments.  I think he might be adopted before the weekend at this rate!  I hope he is adopted soon.  He chats too much and kicks his litter ALL over the room.  It’s embarrassing for me to see a fellow cat behaving so badly.

I’m going to continue napping now.  I’m still exhausted from all that clearing out.


Wait… Do I need to spring clean my toy box?

13 thoughts on “Spring Clean

  1. catscue says:

    Spring cleaning is a must-do, not always fun, but necessary. Glad you were there to supervise Laser, I’m sure it went much smoother with you helping – MOL! That race ended with a whimper, not much fun on Sunday.

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