The Treatmill

McLaren here and oh meow gosh we habs an amazaling new toy dat both Mummy and Laser and I can use.  It so cool.  It da bestest toy in da world.  Mummy does some wunning on it for a while and den, when she done dat it start gibbing out treats!  Oh meow gosh it is fablyous.


Dat is me getting da tweats.  Da firs batch were on da masheen and dat was exciting but den da masheen turnded on and it was whurring and da bit I habs my paws on in da photo startsded to move.  Mummy say I sposed to go on and dos a walky but I dids not dare.

But den somefing amazing happended.  Watch da video!  How cool is dat!  Da tweatmill gaves us tweats and we eated dem wifout habbing to go for da walk.  Mummy say in da future it will only gibs tweats if we walk more dan da tweat off firs, but I don’t know what dat means.

Mummy fink dat dis a good way to get Laser more tweats dan me becoz she no runs away to eat her tweats.  I fink dat I will habs to learn not to run away and den I will be da tweat king still.

After all dat excitment, I was poopered.  After Mummy had a shower and got into her pee jar mas I made myself comfy and den I was out like da light.


Laser had eated all da tweats though so she was still afull of energy.  She played wif one of our toys dat came from a Cat Lady Box.  Mummy say dis pichur looks cute and dat she wanted a pichur like it for Valentines Day but we didn’t pose right.


Oh I habs one last fing I nearly forgots about.  Merlin gots adopted yesterday.  He went off to his furreber home very happily.  He was purring and meowing and enjoying da fuss dat his new Mummy gibed him and I finks he will be very happy.  Hopefully we wills get some new fosters soon and dey will like me so I cans go and play and be de bestest fwend wif dem.

16 thoughts on “The Treatmill

  1. onespoiledcat says:

    Say that’s a very cool machine! I wonder if my Mom would consider getting one of those for us…….I’ll have to show her how the treat dispensing part works though! We’re so happy that Merlin got his FOREVER HOME and just think – you all had a part in making him comfortable while he was with you – that’s a BIG DEAL.!!! Bravo!

    Hugs, Teddy

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