Throw Back Thursday 04/04/19

Wooosh and it’s Thursday again.  I have a welfare visit tonight to check that everything is hunky-dory for the foster cats.  With Merlin gone it might seem a little strange in the foster room but I’m going to have a clean up before the officer arrives and hopefully, it’ll look pristine! In the meantime, here’s a fun flashback:



“You may kiss my paw.”


McLaren loved the stuff that ‘Hello Fresh’ packaged their food in.


I absolutely love this photo of Laser.


And this one of McLaren is gorgeous too.

Last night I headed over to the cat cafe for craft club and all of the kitties were enjoying an evening of snoozing and comfort.  I took a couple of snaps of two of my favourite boys having snoozes.


Arran took advantage of the blanket in the box!


Meanwhile, Harry enjoyed some dangles from the back of the sofa.

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15 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday 04/04/19

  1. Holly G. says:

    *gasp* Carry! They are so cute!! These are some excellent photos of these precious kiddos! I think my heart just melted. 🙂 The last one of Harry looks as though he’s having him a real nice snooze! Sleep like that is a beautiful thing!

    Awesome post. I enjoyed this immensely. Thank you for making me smile ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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