Victory & Vets

I think it’s safe to say that a Laser Never Forgets, which actually came as quite a surprise to me when she defended her little brofurs life (possible exaggeration here) on Sunday morning.


It was a lovely sunny day again on Sunday, so I was sat outside in the back garden and McLaren was being quite brave and edging ever closer to taking a few steps outside.  I decided to bite the bullet and try him on his leash again – the last time ended up with all three of us covered in widdle and McLaren afraid of the sound of the door opening.


Well, I had the leash in hand and was heading towards a curious McLaren, who looked as though he’d be happy enough to let me attach it around him, when the bullet I had bitten broke loose and flew at me, hissing and spitting and clawing at my calves.

Laser was NOT happy that the leash had made another appearance and she – in no uncertain terms – was going to let me anywhere near McLaren with it.  I spent the rest of the day outside alone bleeding from my legs as McLaren watched on from the window to make sure I was OK.


I think Laser felt quite bad about her outburst later in the day, as when I came inside again she followed me all over the house chirping at me, rubbing against my legs, rolling over to show her belly and generally just being very friendly.


Monty is still with us.  He’s leaving for his furrever home on Saturday and his new human brothers and sister have called it ‘Monty Day’.  He’s still as lovely and adorable as ever, and he and McLaren have formed quite the bond.  I’ve let him have a little more freedom lately, since I feel a bit bad about him couped up in the foster room for over a month now.  He’s enjoyed exploring upstairs but doesn’t seem to want to try downstairs.


In final news, McLaren has headed off to the vets this morning.  He’s having a general anaesthetic and then they’ll cut open his nose and take a biopsy of the lump.  He’s been quite grumpy this morning as he’s had to fast since 8pm last night – I caught him eating a tissue this morning he was so hungry!


He should be back with us at 5pm.  It’s likely he’ll have a scar on his nose which along with his baby meow will probably make him look even cuter.  He’ll have the tough battle scar and then squeak like a little kitten, bless him.


12 thoughts on “Victory & Vets

  1. onespoiledcat says:

    Positive thoughts for sweet McLaren. Hoping the bump is nothing to worry about and that his dear nose heals up quickly. As for the “leash fiasco” – it’s a shame that it’s a no go. Teddy gets excited when he sees his leash and harness but then he’s used them since we adopted him so he’s very used to it and knows it means “OUTSIDE FUN”. Let us know about McLaren as soon as you can!!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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    • carrylovescats says:

      I wish they both liked the leash. I think their confidence with other humans would build up if I could get them on a leash and walk them down the street. I do quite like that they’re indoors all the time though and I don’t have to worry about them ever thinking “ah the doors open, lets go for a wander”.

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  2. Eastside Cats says:

    Wow, I hope you are okay! Our cats just fell over, like the harness and leash were a straight-jacket, but they got over it after a couple of tries. At least you know your two are acting as a team! My fingers are crossed for McLaren; hope the test results say nothing.

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  3. catladymac says:

    Purrayers and POTP for McLaren – I usually leave them at the vet’s the night before as there is no way I can deny 1 cat water (I have several cats.).

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