No Boops Please

Well, McLaren is home and he looks a bit of a mess at the moment.  He was feeling sorry for himself for an hour or so but eventually made his way to the food bowl and after a meal and some water he was back to his own self.


His nose has three stitches in and looks to be covered in blood.  Once it’s not so sore I will wipe it off.  He had the cone on for about 30 minutes.  He didn’t like it at all and having been watching him he doesn’t seem to care about touching his nose so I think he’ll be OK without it.


He seemed well this morning, his usual self, fussing to be fed as soon as possible.  I woke up this morning hanging out of the bed while he spread himself out as he always does!


Laser doesn’t like the cone one little bit.  She also doesn’t seem to know who McLaren is at the moment – he must smell of the vets or blood or something.  She’s taken to hissing at him and swiping at him.  He’s very confused about this and keeps sulking and feeling sorry for himself because he enjoys being loved and fussed by Laser.

As a result, Laser has been left in my bedroom with a litter tray and food and water today while I’m at work.  She mostly lays on the bed there all day anyway, so hopefully she’ll be OK.  I think McLaren will probably try to let her out but my bedroom door is more awkward to open than the foster room door!  Laser definitely wasn’t impressed with her confinement!


McLaren is back to the vets to check he’s healing well again tomorrow.  I feel bad as I told him on the way yesterday that it would be the last trip.  We should get the results of the biopsy in the next week!

8 thoughts on “No Boops Please

  1. catladymac says:

    Cats often get hissy after one comes home from the vet – you are exactly right about the smells. Some people even take both cats t the vet’s even if only one needs to go, just so they smell the same. If this continues for very long, put something with your smell (a dirty tee shirt?) in with each of them, and then after they have snuggled in it, swap it to the other cat so it has your smell and the other cat’s too, Hopefully they’ll get over it soon ! And the report will be good !

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