About Carry


I’m Carry, the human around the blog.  I’m in my late twenties and I live in Scotland.  I have my own place and live with my two cats Laser and McLaren.  They are the loves of my life and the greatest support blankets.

I enjoy hiking around Scotland and intend to start tackling hills and mountains in the coming years.  I spend a lot of time crafting (which the cats seem to love), my favourite crafts being cross stitch and knitting.  The cats enjoy the bobbins of thread and have recently discovered the wool stash and keep moving balls of wool into my bedroom.

I’ve recently become addicted to Pokemon Go and have made friends with my local raid group.  The cats always seem quite bemused when I suddenly jump up and disappear out with my phone for 20 minutes when I go to raid.  I often wish my cats had a relationship with me like Ash and Pikachu, so I could sit them on my shoulder and let them enjoy me adventures too.  Unfortunately, they’re both terrified of the great outdoors, so they often miss out on the fun.

I read a lot, though I’d love to have the time to read more.  My favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy, although I do enjoy other genres if the book grabs my attention.  I attend a book club at the local cat cafe which currently focuses on cat related short stories, and it’s nice to get to chat about the stories I enjoy with other humans.

I seem to attract cats wherever I go, having made friends with kitties in foreign countries, restaurants, bars and randomly on the streets as I walk around.  If there is a cat in view, I will find it and hopefully get to pet it.