About McLaren


Hi there, I’m McLaren.  Can you see me up here at the top of the cat tree?  It’s my favourite place to keep a watchful eye on the house and a great spot to jump down on unsuspecting victims from.

I was born in June 2017 and Mummy adopted me from Cats Protection Lanarkshire in September 2017.  I was sad to leave my last brother alone with our fosterer, but Mummy has told me he was adopted too which is great news.  I now live with Mummy and my big sister Laser.  At first she wasn’t too sure about me, but I’m so much fun so she soon became my best friend.  She sometimes gets cross at me and smacks me on the head, but I know she doesn’t mean it nastily.

My favourite things are playing fetch with Mummy, being washed by Laser and eating.  Food is the best isn’t it?  I can eat and eat and eat and never get bored.  Mummy even bought Laser a special bowl so I couldn’t eat her food too, but I worked out how to get into it without Lasers chip because I’m a clever boy.  I only eat Laser’s food if she doesn’t want it though.

I like to be with Mummy all the time.  When she watches TV and stitches I will sit on the stool by her feet.  When she cooks I will sit on the kitchen side and watch.  When she washes up I help by siting in the draining rack and making sure there’s no food left over on the plate.  When she sleeps in her big human bed, I like to snuggle up close between her legs.  Sometimes I get kicked when she moves, but it’s OK because she kisses my forehead and tells me I’m a handsome boy.  Sometimes I sit there deliberately because I like to be told I’m handsome.

Sometimes Mummy goes out and I have to wait by the door until she comes home.  She can be outside the door ALL DAY sometimes, so I have to take a nap but I always wake up as soon as she gets back to give her a head boop and remind her that she left me to starve.

That reminds me… I haven’t had a nap OR a snack since I started writing this.  I better go and get some sleep quickly.  Buhbye!