Terror Tuesday

Wow, well that was a fright for a Tuesday Morning (I almost wrote Monday but then realised I had the day off yesterday so it's Tuesday!) I was following my normal morning routine, Laser sitting by the stairs, McLaren on the windowsill chattering away to me (shouting for breakfast) as I got ready for work.  … Continue reading Terror Tuesday

Lasey Sunday #6

Hello, Laser here.  I had a lovely day yesterday with Carry and McLaren. Carry has a long weekend off work and the sun was shining through the patio doors.  At first we all sat together in silence, enjoying the warmth and each others company. After a while, we all felt sleepy and decided to have … Continue reading Lasey Sunday #6

Comfy Spots

Laser and McLaren have been spending the weekend in some very strange spots.  Laser had recently decided that a pile of clothing on the floor of my bedroom was her favourite place to sleep.  However, on Friday I washed the clothes so the pile was gone and she was quite disgruntled about it. Luckily, as … Continue reading Comfy Spots

Lasey Sunday #5

Laser here, again. This week I've been exploring. In particular, I've been exploring the fridge.  It's quite empty at the moment.  I'll lead you through my findings in pictures. So that is my inspection of the fridge.  Carry got quite cross in the end when I didn't want to get out.  She filmed me and … Continue reading Lasey Sunday #5