Boxless Day

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  We had a nice chilled and quiet day, with Cilla and Charlie.  We had present opening, Christmas dinner and then a lazy afternoon. Today is boxing day, although we didn't really have many boxes, much to the cats disappointment.  My Grandad came to visit and we generally … Continue reading Boxless Day

Cilla Sunday

Well hello there, Cilla here.  Carry has come to stay at my house with MY parents for a few days.  Apparently it is something called Christmas that is going on, but I'm pretty certain she came to see Charlie and try to weasle her way back into the family.  Whilst I haven't found them yet,  … Continue reading Cilla Sunday

Mummy’s Boy

McLaren is such a Mummy's boy.  Especially when there is a comfy fleece material to nap on.  Both cat's love this leopard print fleece hoody.  I have a dressing gown to match and Laser enjoys chasing the belt.  The PJ bottoms are lovely and warm too - it's snowed a few times this weekend, but … Continue reading Mummy’s Boy