Lasey Sunday

Laser here again.  Yesterday was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to get into a comfortable position.  I made Carry take photos so I can show you how much faffing about we had to do.  I'm so tired from it all that this week my blog will just be photos and captions.

Lasey Sunday #15

Nurse Laser here.  Mummy has a cold so I am busy making sure she has company while she sits and sleeps this weekend. She has asked me to tidy up for her but I think napping is more important.  So we will nap for the rest of the day.  Have a nice week furriends.

Lasey Sunday #13

Hey, Laser again.  Some would say number 13 is unlucky, but me and Carry have been doing some science this week and our results were certainly not unlucky. Our subject was McLaren. Our question was, is McLaren really a doggie? Firstly.  We noticed that McLaren kept finding the bracelet that Carry has bought Nanna for … Continue reading Lasey Sunday #13

Lasey Sunday #7

Hi there, Laser here and today we're going to solve a mystery!  See my detective face? This week Carry's neighbours have been convinced someone is scoping the houses during the night to do something naughty.  They told her that a white van had been parking up during the night at about 3am.  They said it … Continue reading Lasey Sunday #7