Catch Up!

Been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd better catch you up on everything that has been happening in the land of Carry & Cats. Firstly, we have a new foster.  His name is Monty and he's estimated to be 3 years old.  I am so in love with him.  He's such a … Continue reading Catch Up!

Weekend Update

Hello McLaren here again.  Mummy passed her test on Fursday.  Da ladies who do da testing and the mister who bring da foster cats all camed.  Dey looked at da room Mummy has for da fosters and said to take some material fings out so dey don't get spores.  I don't know whats da spores are … Continue reading Weekend Update

The Treatmill

McLaren here and oh meow gosh we habs an amazaling new toy dat both Mummy and Laser and I can use.  It so cool.  It da bestest toy in da world.  Mummy does some wunning on it for a while and den, when she done dat it start gibbing out treats!  Oh meow gosh it is … Continue reading The Treatmill

Throw Back Thursday 28/03/19

Today feels strange.  It's one of those days where I think "Thursday again?!" but also "Only Thursday??".  Anybody elses week gone a little like that?  Here's a quick throw back, anyway. 2018 2017 Don't forget to keep up with Carry, Laser & McLaren's antics on our social media accounts:     

Throw Back Thursday 21/03/19

Thursdays are for throwbacks and since we skipped last week (oops!) I thought I best find some good ones for today. 2018 2017 Don't forget to keep up with Carry, Laser & McLaren's antics on our social media accounts:   

Meet Merlin

Hewwoooo!  McLaren here.  Der is an imposture ins da hous at de moment.  He look lyk me but he not be me.  Who is dis guy?  Why he twy to steal my idenpurrty?  Look, you fink he look lyk me, frens? Mummy say he called Merlin and he from Cats Pawtection and he be looking … Continue reading Meet Merlin

Long Weekend

Well, at least that is how it felt.  Laser here and I have to say I'm glad that Carry is back to work today so we're living on normal time again.  This weekend she woke me up at 4.30am to get up and take the duvet downstairs to watch the Formula 1.  I can tell you … Continue reading Long Weekend